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<p>The full animated music video for Arknights&rsquo; collaboration song &ldquo;End Like This ft. RUNN&rdquo; has debuted on YouTube.The song received its official release in 2020 by Grammy-nominated producer Steve Aoki and acclaimed Dutch DJ Duo Yellow Claw, but now the video to accompany the song has finally been launched by Arknights.</p>Arknights tier list<p>The video reveals the continued journey taken by Amiya and Rhodes Island, and expands the plot, territories and characters of the game. The intense battle is framed within the video into animation, depicting the riot in Chernobog, Rosmontis&rsquo; fight against enemies, and the growth of Amiya in the final battle with Patriot.</p><p>The release of this animated music video is similar to Aoki&rsquo;s last collaborative release for the game, &ldquo;Last of Me ft. RUNN&rdquo;. Both the soundtrack and video of End Like This are inspired by Arknights storyline Episode 7 - &ldquo;The Birth of Tragedy&rdquo;. You can watch the music video below.</p>.

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