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<p>Zynga has launched its free to play multiplayer strategy game Empires &amp; Allies on iOS and Android.</p><p>As we explained in our review, Empires &amp; Allies can easily be summed up as "Clash of Clans by way of Command and Conquer."</p><p>That's no bad thing, mind. After all, we did give it a Silver Award, stating that it's a "solidly put together, entertaining midcore strategy battler."</p><p>The idea here, if it's not clear yet, is to build a base and grow an army of tanks, helicopters, and artillery to defend it. That's half of the game.</p><p>The other half involves getting into fights with other players and trying to destroy their base. You can send in airstrikes and rockets to deal the bigger damage while your troops nibble away at buildings.</p>.

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