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<p>Today you can get your hands on Keepy Ducky, an adorable arcade game created by the YouTube Gamer iBallisticSquid based on his two-year idea. Android users, iOS users, it's time to play.</p><p>Developed by the Austrian developer Team DoubleSmith, Keepy Ducky is a very simple game with a very simple concept – keep the duck in the air for as long as you can by pelting it with snowballs. Sounds easy, right? C'mon, you know by now that you never answer that question with 'yes'. With multiple ducks incoming things start getting a little trickier.</p><p>There are plenty of levels, characters, and pets to unlock as you try to bag yourself the high score. Once your ducks hit the ground however it's game over.</p><p>Grab Keepy Ducky free-to-play on the App Store and Google Play now.</p>.

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com.sigmateam.Zula Mobile.free

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